Why aren’t you using iOS?


A few years ago, maybe a bit more now, there were a few options when it came to picking a mobile operating system. We had iOS, Android, webOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. And sometimes it felt like some Android phone manufacturers, like Samsung, had skinned their devices so much that it was barely Android anymore. Still, there were options, and it was a good time to switch and try out whatever felt right at the time. Every platform had a device worth giving some attention, some standout feature that made it at least a little worthwhile, but ultimately, we’ve whittled down the options.

iOS and Android are obviously the go-to options these days. Windows Phone is now Windows Mobile (again), and even Microsoft is taking a long stretch of time off the mobile OS to focus on other things before they come back around to it. webOS is now on TVs (I hate writing that), and BlackBerry packed it all in with their own mobile OS to set up shop with Android, like so many other companies have.

It’s not like iOS and Android, and even Windows Mobile, are bad by any means. Quite the contrary, considering they’re the systems left standing, right?

Options would still be pretty great, though. Especially if you happen to be someone, like a few people that I know, that flat-out refuse to use one operating system or another. I can understand why you might not want to use one platform over another if you’ve tried all of them, and you’ve just figured out your preference, but I’ve got a few friends that aren’t in the same situation.

One friend, who is using last year’s HTC flagship, refuses to use Apple’s iOS, for example. He’s seen it in action, has seen some features, has seen how expansive the iOS App Store is, and has even said a few of Apple’s past devices have looked “awesome,” but he won’t make the switch. He’s told me as much over the years, as he’s asked me, “Which phone should I get?” and I tell him, every time, to at least consider [insert iPhone model here].

Every time is the same response: “Nope.”

Of course, I have to give him credit for standing by his principles, whatever they might be. He’s adamant in not using an Apple product, and he’s stuck to his proclamations up to this point. Who knows what will happen in the future, but if history is any indicator, well, Apple apparently won’t get at least one customer.

But, he’s not the only one out there. I know plenty of people who won’t opt for a certain manufacturer when it comes to their Android phones, both based on past devices and just not liking the brand for any particular reason, apparently. I’m curious, though, to hear from you out there in the wild.

If you are someone who chooses not to use iOS, I want to know why. Are you someone who has tried it out, and just found that it wasn’t what you wanted to use for any extended period of time? Or are you in the camp who has never tried it, and never plans on trying it out? In either case, I want to know why you’ve opted out of iOS, so let me know!