Fujifilm unveils trio of powerful, retro cameras with built-in Wi-Fi


Sony’s A7R II may be the darling of the camera world at the moment, but it doesn’t mean other camera makers are standing still.

Fujifilm’s new X-Pro2 is a monster in its own right, even though it doesn’t shoot 4K video. If you own an X-Pro1 and are invested in Fujinon X-Mount lenses, it’s worth upgrading to the X-Pro2.

The camera’s body is dust and splash-resistant with 61 points of weather sealing; it’s also freeze-resistant up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t be able to go swimming with the X-Pro2, but it can survive a heavy downpour and trip to the beach.

Every component inside the X-Pro2 is a boost over the X-Pro1. A new 24.3-megapixel (up from 16.3-megapixels) X-Trans CMOS III sensor is powered by the X-Processor Pro image processor, which is also new. The camera’s autofocus locks on subjects in 0.08 seconds and continuous shooting is a speedy 8 frames per second (compared to 3 fps on X-Pro1). The X-Pro2’s ISO is 100-51200.

And if you love shooting timelapses, the built-in interval timer can shoot up to 999 frames.



The hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder is still a key Fujifilm differentiator, but now the electronic viewfinder’s resolution is a higher 2.36 million dots versus the X-Pro1’s 1.44 million dots resolution.

The camera’s 3-inch screen is also sharper with a 1.62-million dot resolution. Also awesome: two SD card slots, one of which is compatible with the UHS-II Standards, and built-in Wi-Fi.

As mentioned earlier, the X-Pro2 doesn’t shoot 4K video. The camera can record full HD video at 1080p resolution at up to 60 fps (at a bit rate of 36Mbps). Film enthusiasts will also appreciate the grain effect mode, which gives photos a grainier look.

If you’re expecting the X-Pro2 to be cheap, look away now. It’ll cost $1,699.95 for just the body and will be available in February.

X-E2S and X70



At $699.95 for the body, the X-E2S is less than half the cost of the X-Pro2; a kit package with the camera and an XF18-55mm f/2.8-4 LM OIS lens will cost $999.95.

The camera isn’t as full-featured as the X-Pro2, obviously, but it’s still a powerful shooter and versatile enough for the advanced photographer.

The X-E2S comes with a 16.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor, a 49-point single focus mode, 77-point wide-tracking mode for freezing quick moving subjects, and ISO sensitivity up to 51200. On the back is a 3-inch screen with 104K dot resolution.

Like the X-Pro2, the X-E2S records 1080p full HD video at up to 60 fps, built-in interval timer and Wi-Fi.



The $699.95 X70 is yet another fixed-lens camera in Fujifilm’s arsenal. The X70 has a 16.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and a fixed 18.5mm lens with f/2.8 aperture, and ISO sensitivity up to 51200.

It packs all of the X-E2S’s features including 1080p/60fps video recording, interval timer and Wi-Fi. The 3-inch screen, however, is a touchscreen, and tilts 180-degrees.

Both the E-2S and X70 will also be available in February.