WhatsApp will stop working on mobile phones with older versions of Android, Windows Phone, iOs and more


WhatsApp wants to shelve the support of its instant messaging application on mobile devices and old devices that do not have a more or less updated version of the operating systems installed. This will mean that, depending on the version we have on our mobile, WhatsApp will stop working directly or will do so with certain restrictions.

For example, in Windows Phone 7, Android 2.3.3 and below, iOS 6 or below or Symbian S60, WhatsApp will stop working directly and you can not use or install the application from the corresponding markets or application stores of each platform.

WhatsApp wants you to update your mobile to continue using the new features of the app
However, if we have an Android 2.3.7, a Nokia S40, Windows Phone 8.0 or BlackBerry OS / BB10, we can continue using the service but WhatsApp will not allow creating new accounts from those devices. WhatsApp can not be used once the deadline has arrived. The deadlines for Windows Phone 8, Nokia S40 and BB10 is the 31st of this month while Android 2.3.7 will still hold until February 2020. That if, although they continue to work, the company has already warned that certain functions could be disappearing without prior notice because they are not supported in such old versions of these operating systems.

Android 4.0 and higher, iOS 7 and higher and Windows Phone 8.1 and above will continue to receive support and you can use or create new accounts from terminals with these operating systems.

Keep in mind that the versions that support ceases have several years already in the market and it is normal that the requirements are evolving. If you are one of the users of the affected or even older versions, the company will allow you to export the conversation log via e-mail so you do not lose it if you jump to a new device.