The New Bing AI Is Coming to More Microsoft Apps

Bing logo

Microsoft announced earlier in February that it was upgrading Bing with a new ChatGPT-like AI engine, providing conversational responses to queries. The technology is heading to other services, too.

Microsoft already confirmed that “the new Bing” (yes, that is the official name) is coming to the Edge browser, through a new button on the toolbar. It’s now coming to Skype, too, in the form of a chatbot. The company said, “Now, Bing can enhance your conversations with your friends and family from within your group chat.​ Settle that bet with a quick and informative search, have a laugh, or begin a project, Bing can understand and communicate fluently in more than 100 languages.”

Skype is no stranger to chatbots, so it’s not surprising that the new Bing would make an appearance in the app. You can talk to Bing by itself, or add the chatbot to an existing conversation, where it will respond when mentioned.

Skype and Bing images

The new Bing is also coming to the mobile Microsoft Edge and Bing apps. The Bing app update will open a chat session by pressing the Bing icon at the bottom of the screen, while Edge will have a shortcut to the chat service from the homepage. The Bing app (and likely Edge as well) will also support voice input.

The new Skype chatbot is live starting today for anyone who has been granted access to the new Bing already — join the waitlist if you haven’t already.

Source: Microsoft Blog, Skype Blog