The least-used emoji on Twitter has changed after a campaign to give it some love

This is the inspiring tale about how Twitter came to the rescue of the poor, unpopular little aerial tramway emoji

In between your terrified primal tweet-screams at Trump’s latest nuclear threat and your ‘hilarious’ take on Mamma Mia 2, don’t forget that a fun way to spice up any social media post is to sprinkle in a few emojis.

There are more than 845 approved Unicode emojis to choose from on Twitter, so there’s something for every occasion and any mood.

But as you endlessly scroll for hours and compose your spicy tweets, spare a thought for the little emoji that could: the aerial tramway. For 77 days, this unloved symbol had the sad distinction as the least popular emoji on the social network according to the bot-powered Twitter account @leastUsedEmoji.