Swarovski-encrusted smartwatches for women thanks to the Huawei Watch Jewel


Not content with having made the best Android Wear watch to date, Huawei has unveiled two new wearables pitched at the female market.

Taking a stereotypical approach to what a ‘woman’s watch’ should be, Huawei has remodelled its existing Huawei Watch by making it gold and blinging it up by sticking some jewels in the front of the bezel.

The sizeable timepiece comes in two guises, the Huawei Watch Elegant and Swarovski crystal-encrusted Huawei Watch Jewel.


Despite their reworked finishes, the new Huawei Watches offer no new features – aside from a couple of again stereotypically pink and lady-friendly watch faces.

Delivering alerts and notifications direct to your wrist, the new watches also let wearers make and receive calls without having to fish out their phone from their pocket or bags.

The UK is one of a number of territories that will get the new woman’s watches on day one when they launch later in the year.

UK prices have yet to be confirmed, but on the continent, the wearables will be priced at €499 for the Huawei Watch Elegant, and a lofty €599 for the Huawei Watch Jewel.​