Shazam Just Got a Big Update on Android

Person identifying a song using the Shazam app on an iPhone

The Apple-owned Shazam app is a great resource for getting to know the music that’s blasting around you. But its Android widget has always felt a bit lacking, since it was just a shortcut for the app. Now, it’s much more useful.

Version 13.7 of the Shazam app on Android now lets you quickly identify a song playing without needing to open the app, thanks to a brand new widget. It’s redesigned for Material You in Android 12 and 13 — kudos to Apple for actually caring about its few Android apps. The widget can search for a song and give you a result without needing you to actually open the app.

Given how the previous widget was just a very oversized icon to access the app, having something functional at all is already a massive upgrade. And this implementation in particular works amazingly. With this existing now, there’s very little reason to actually open the Shazam app now, as you can just fire up a song search right from your home screen.

This feature is live as of the latest stable version of Shazam, so make sure to update your app whenever you get a chance. The Google app pre-installed on most devices can also look up music like Shazam, by saying “OK Google, what song is playing?”

Source: 9to5Google