Rio gets mobile infrastructure boost for Olympic Games


Rio de Janeiro’s mobile infrastructure will get a boost during this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The network strengthening is part of the telecommunications infrastructure plan led by the America Móvil Group, which includes mobile operator Claro, cable TV operator NET and telecom services provider Embratel, official sponsors of the telecommunications services for the events.

The telecommunications core platform for the Games is a network operated by Embratel offering speeds of 40GB per second, connecting more than 60,000 network access points.

According to America Móvil, the Rio set up is already one of the company’s largest infrastructure parks in Latin America, but additional infrastructure is being created to meet the demands set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the event, predicted to be the most connected Games in history due to the increase in mobile data use.

The additional improvements include 97 new mobile transmission stations implemented to support the heavy use of mobile phones in the event coverage, in addition to the enhanced mobile broadband infrastructure.

Around 20,000 mobile phone lines with voice and data capabilities are also being supplied by mobile operator Claro as part of the plan.

Some 8,000 of Wi-Fi spots will also be implemented by cable TV operator NET across the city of Rio, the Olympic Village and competition venues.