Oculus says Rift orders now ship in 2 – 4 days, all pre-orders have gone out


Oculus says it has resolved its shipping delays to the point where new orders now ship in two to four business days, which is a considerable improvement to where things were at just a short while ago, if you’ve been paying attention.

The reason things are improving is that the virtual reality company has finally caught up with the pre-order backlog incurred by its hardware, the Rift consumer VR headset. Oculus says all pre-orders are now shipped, and it also has begun improving inventory levels for its retail partners, both at online destinations like Amazon, and at brick-and-mortar stores like Microsoft and Best Buy.

Oculus still isn’t revealing much about the shipping window for Touch, the motion controllers that will provide much more in-game interactivity to Rift owners. It says only that we can expect them “later this year,” alongside “games and experiences” designed to take advantage of the additional interaction they’re provide. Hopefully we don’t have to wait untilOculus’s Connect 3 developer conference in October.

One other thing that probably helped Oculus catch up on the supply side: It hired Fitbit veteran Hans Hartmann as COO in May, bringing on a top exec with ample experience fulfilling demand in the often hard world of hardware.