It Will Be Easier To Find The Files You’re Looking For


This is something I’ve personally been waiting for for a long time. Google Drive is making it easier to find your files by letting you choose the filetype, who it was created by and what software it can be opened by.

Regardless of what device your files came from, you can search for a file type on Android, iOS or the web. You can also perform the advanced searched from the search box, access recent files or search Drive fromb your iOS home screen with 3D Touch. You can also search using the iOS search box without opening the app.



Here’s what the team had to say about it:

Several behind-the-scenes improvements give your search queries even better results than they did before. And to get more specific results, anyone can now do the following:
– Search for shared files by file owner using their name or email address.
– Use advanced search options like the date a file was modified, words it contains, or who it was shared with.

This is all part of an ongoing effort to make Drive the easiest place to find your files. Look for these features as they roll out in the coming weeks.

These types of advanced search features are something that services like Dropbox, Box and UpThere sorely lack. Since Google has the data and is pretty damn good at search (ha), this is a long long time coming.