Instagram may be testing a flatter, black and white design

Instagram as you know it could look very different soon.

Some users are seeing a new black and white design after updating their app. The new look, as seen via screenshots sent to Mashable, shows icons that are flatter, thinner and devoid of any color.

An Instagram spokesperson told Mashable: “We often test new experiences with a small percentage of the global community. This is a design test only.”

If legit, the images hint at some noticeable changes, particularly when it comes to the icons. The camera icon in the middle is no longer a square with a circle inside and now resembles an actual camera. Meanwhile, the Activity icon normally represented with a heart inside of a comment box is now simply a heart. And the user profile icon is no longer your profile picture, but an icon of a person.

It’s kind of ugly and boring, in my opinion.



The current Instagram layout (left). The black and white layout in testing (right).

Image: Mashable composite, momeks/instagram

Instagram frequently tests new features in select regions on small groups of users. Until they’re official, these features only show a glimpse of what the Instagram team is messing around with behind the scenes. Some tested features are never pushed out for everyone.

Recently, Mashable spotted a new search bar — useful for searching a user’s followers and who they’re following within Instagram. Shortly after we reported on it, the feature disappeared.