Honest Depictions of History’s Greatest Figures

Thanks to the crack teams of forensic anthropologists and a whole load of CGI, these historical figures, among many others, have been given the treatment of facial reconstruction. With this stunning technology, historians are now able to see just exactly how handsome Julius Caesar was! It also reveals that despite Bach’s beautiful music, he didn’t have a face as lovely as his compositions!

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Being able to bring those famous faces to life, and into the twenty-first century, is a credit to these expert teams, along with the help of a number of historians! So it looks like CGI, CT scans and 3-D printing have been able to give us all a glimpse into the past. Be prepared there are some good, some bad, and some that well… you might just want to cover your kids’ eyes.  Time to take off that plaster mask and uncover some of history’s biggest mysteries!


The bust of Nefertiti is probably the most represented and most copied of all of Ancient Egypt’s leaders. A symbol for feminine strength and leadership, her profile is worn proudly on the bodies of women to this very day. Reigning alongside her husband the Pharaoh Akhenaten until his death in 1336 B.C., there is overwhelming evidence that the Queen of Egypt ruled independently after he passed over into the afterlife.

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Where other queens were kept quiet and not as celebrated, Nefertiti was often depicted in Egyptian art as holding positions of power. Like King Tutankhamun, Nefertiti became even more famous posthumously, after archaeologists discovered a statue of her, even if it had crudely fallen and was buried upside down in the sand! The bust, pictured above, was discovered by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt, in 1913. The depiction reveals a beautiful woman with a graceful neck, fine features, and high cheekbones. Basically, a supermodel of the ancients! However, in 2009, researchers conducted a CT scan of the bust, revealing that underneath the beautiful representation, there was a completely different face shown!