Highly Anticipated Inventions That Totally Bombed

Launching a new product is not easy, even if you are an established company. Countless hours of work go into the creation of practically every product before it hits the market. In the development stage, however, you don’t really know if it’s going to be a hit or a flop. This can leave you with a bad reputation forever. Here is a list of products that seriously underwhelmed consumers and ended up being a major disappointment for their inventors.

Either they created something unwanted by the public, or they reinvented something that turned out to just be a worse version of the original. Regardless, it’s actually kind of impressive that they went for it anyway. Keep reading to see some of the worst products that have been on the market.

The Ford Edsel

Ford launched the brand-new Ford Edsel automobile in 1958 and things went badly from the start. Despite spending years of time and money on consumer polling, the company didn’t really listen to what their customers were telling them and decided to continue with what they were already doing, which was to create an expensive car, which was not fuel-efficient.

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To make matters worse, the stock market took a big dip right before Edsel’s big release. That meant that the middle-class families Ford was counting on to buy these cars couldn’t afford them as their investments were rapidly losing their value. The Edsel fiasco ended with Ford losing $350 million on a car that it had already spent $250 million to build. The cars stopped being sold in 1960. If that wasn’t bad enough, the next product on our list is the very essence of failure.