Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ button gets you a pie super fast


Domino’s has recently been cooking up new ways for customers to order pizza, from customizing pies on an iPad to delivered via drone to tweeting your order with emoji. Its latest delivery innovation is all about speed.

The Domino’s “Easy Order” button is a one-click step to getting hot, cheesy goodness to your front door and into your mouth fast. Bless the pizza gods. Considering the Amazon Dash buttonhas already brought the “press to order” idea to all sorts of products, we’re wondering why it took so long for pizza to get with the program.

The button will only be in the UK at start, and the target availability date is December. But don’t worry my fellow pizza lovers, the second batch will release in February 2016. The button is only a UK initiative at this time, a Domino’s spokesperson told Mashable. If there are plans to roll it out to other markets, those won’t be disclosed until they’re ready to go.

In lieu of the physical button, you can also use the digital Easy Order button. It works the same way as the physical button, and you can find it in the Domino’s app for fast tap-to-order functionality.

Let’s be real, though. Ordering pizza with a real button is way, way cooler.