Beautify Google’s OnHub Router With Interchangeable Shells


Google’s OnHub router is getting a makeover.

The search giant on Tuesday announced that customers can now buy three newinterchangeable shells for the TP-Link version of OnHub$199.99 at Amazon, which will cost $29 to $39, depending on the version.

Google is also offering a DIY option, called the Maker Packet, that will allow current OnHub owners to customize the look and feel of their OnHub cases. For those who need inspiration, Google launched a gallery showing what some artists and designers have already done with the Maker Packet.


Google’s OnHub router is designed to be a simpler alternative to traditional routers. The networking device can be set up in a matter of minutes via a mobile app, from which users do everything from analyze traffic flow to see who’s connecting to the network.

But beyond ease of use, the OnHub’s design is key to its appeal. Google nixed the antennas traditionally found on routers and made the device cylindrical.

For now, the OnHub customization option is available only on the TP-Link-built model. Google also offers an OnHub built by Asus, but that doesn’t appear to be part of the Maker Packet just yet.