You should probably wait a little bit you’re thinking of buying a new Macbook

There are a lot of important things to consider before settling on a laptop upgrade

How long have you had your current laptop? It’s a while, right? Long enough that you’re looking for an upgrade? Hold that thought.

If you’re planning on getting a new Macbook – and that goes for those of you already using an Apple computer as well as those of you planning on mixing it up – it might be worth holding fire just for the time being. And it’s nothing to do with those annoying desktop notifications.

Apple has announced the launch of new Macbook pro models with faster processors, but the decision over whether to go for a new one isn’t as simple as it might sound.

As Lifehacker notes, “Though Apple has made the MacBook pro’s keyboard quieter, it hasn’t necessarily made it better,” and this is just one reason to maybe hold fire.

In a statement, Apple acknowledged a keyboard issue on certain models, including several released in 2016 and 2017, but the new keyboard – while said by Apple to be quieter – might still not be up everyone’s alley.

Still, the site points out that, if you want the most powerful Macbook you can get, and if that’s your only priority, you might be good to go. If you’re deciding between a Macbook Pro and the lighter Macbook Air, though, you might be best to give it a few months.

The reason for this? Apple tends to save a lot of big announcements for the autumn months, and this isn’t just restricted to new iPhone models.

Lifehacker’s David Murphy has advised against investing in a Macbook Air or regular Macbook in its current guise, and has speculated about what we might get in any potential autumn update.

“Maybe you’ll get an extra port. Maybe you’ll get a price drop. Either way, if you haven’t purchased a MacBook already, you’ve been waiting pretty long. What’s a few more months to make sure you’re buying the best MacBook you can buy?” Murphy writes.

Additionally, he points out it has been a while since the Macbook Air was given major improvements – it could be a sink or swim situation, but with rumours of cheaper models what’s the harm in waiting?