Windows 10 will automatically install Candy Crush Saga

A lot of Windows users are crossing their fingers that Windows 10 is not another Windows 8. But even if that turns out to be the case, anyone upgrading to Windows 10 or downloading a copy at launch will see Candy Crush Saga installed, whether you like it or not.

Microsoft is touting King’s thumb-breaking match-three puzzle game as a positive new inclusion for the operating system. Depending on your gaming preferences, it could be seen as a great addition, or alternatively it’s basically a piece of crapware you’ll have to spend time uninstalling post-OS installation. I’m hoping that “automatically installed” actually turns out to be only if you don’t untick the checkbox during Windows 10 installation that stops it being added.

In the official announcement about this, Microsoft also states that further King games will be made available for Windows 10 users. Whether that means further automatic game installs, or just more games available in the Windows Store is unclear, but hopefully it’s the latter.

If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga before, then you’ll know it’s a freemium game. You can play it for free, but King has included a number of in-game purchases, for example, you can purchase more lives rather than waiting for them to replenish and unlock new content with a micropayment. Is this what we can expect from the included Windows 10 version?

Microsoft announced last month that it was bringing Solitaire back to Windows 10. This move to include a King game is a surprise, though. It also begs the question…what other 3rd-party software can we expect to be installed by default? I’m sure we’ll find out if there’s anything else in the coming pre-launch months.