Wii U emulating a PC emulating a Wii U is some Inception-level modding

Sequel to Inception pictured above

In what can only be described as “an extremely good use of time,” Modder Banjo Kazooie has modded a Wii U to emulate a PC … to emulate a Wii U.

This bizarre experiment has some enviable specs despite its Frankensteinian origins. Kazooie breaks down the entire project on a Sudomod forum, listing that this Wii U runs Windows 10, with an Intel m5 processor, 4GB Ram, 64GB SSD, and 2K LCD. Naturally, like any good build, it’s also tricked out with some sweet LED lights, in this case wrapped around the joysticks.

Motherboard — citing Hackaday — notes that since this Wii U runs Windows 10 and Wii U emulator Cemu, the console loses none of its original functionality, meaning it is fully a Wii U/PC/Wii U sandwich, with an extra “what is this abomination” on the side.

We can only hope that by running Windows, maybe this super-modded Wii U could do voice chat better than the console.