Welcome to Damart new textile experience

Founder of the iconic Thermolactyl, with no less than 400 million items sold as of today, Damart never stops innovating and exploring new fibers, new application fields, and new retail concepts. As a partner of the Look Forward FashionTech Festival in 2017, Damart introduced the new generation of Thermolactyl together with its last “carewear” innovations. From unprecedented collaborations to the implementation of a lab, the brand manages its comeback by imagining smart textiles for all generations. Damart is back, so let’s discover more right now!

The world most warming fabric is 65 years old…

Welcome to Damart new textile experience


The Thermolactyl – an “active heat” fabric born in 1953 in Roubaix, France – was the first “smart textile” ever and holds its power from a revolutionary fiber gifted with triboelectric properties, which refers to an energy generated by the fabric micro-rubbing to the skin. Back then, the micro electric charges would appear as lightening in the dark, and has now become legendary.


After 65 years, Damart and its Thermolactyl have entered the common language, and it remains the most warming fabric among the market. The brand R&D department, composed of 5 engineers, works in collaboration with 18 in-house stylists to provide a new Thermolactyl, each year softer and lighter, with a range of winter jackets, coats, tights, scarves and gloves.


… And is showing no winkle !

Technological evolution is one of Damart’s main axis of development, but not the only one! Collaborations with several creators, together with a work on design, participated to reinvent our must have pieces and reaffirm Damart’s trendiness. Andrea Crews developed a really streetwear style collection, when Chantal Thomass gave the technical fabric, mainly used as an underwear, a really glamourous touch. The “fashion story” continues in 2017, with the limited edition named “Secrets”. Available from the 13th of November 2017 on, this Damart x Chantal Thomass collection, consists in 13 key clothe pieces for women, entirely made out of Thermolactyl, among which a perfecto: 2017 winter must have.
« The possibilities offered by Thermolactyl, a fabric both iconic and technic, is amazing for a designer. This season, I discovered Thermolactyl degree 5, really thick, with a structure close to neoprene, and it was so interesting to work on it. Creating a perfecto out of this cold-resisting fabric seemed like an evidence. Designing bold and seductive pieces of clothe out of non-conventional materials has always been my go-to since the really beginning of my brand launching. This new limited edition, really identity-focused, offers a spectacular transformation to the legendary Thermolactyl.”



Customers will discover numerous collaborations all along winter. Tina Tictone restyles the original 102 for kids, ModeTrotter rocks Thermolactyl winter jacket with an exclusive pattern and Maison Standards adapts the fabric to give a more unisex, cool and millennial style. From renowned brands to influencers: Damart chooses to co-build its brand.


Research is at the heart of French textile excellence

Damart does not limit innovation to textiles. In 2014, the brand developed a sole integrating a revolutionary technology: the Amortyl. The material softens walking-linked impacts by 30% and will be commercialized this winter as a sneaker, available in 3 different patterns designed by French influencers Une souris dans mon dressing, Fasilol and Accro de la mode.

In 2016, the brand R&D engineers went even further, relying on different expertise, notably in the “carewear” field. Carewear textiles represent a major expectation expressed by customers. That’s how Thermolactyl Sensitive born, a Thermolactyl that preserves skin’s moisturizing by up to 21%, with no chemicals involved. Damart is taking a move to clothing that boost yourself, diminish pain posture, soothe muscle tensions, protect and heal!


Michel Caillibotte, speaker on a round table dedicated to smart textiles during the festival, highlights Damart research center dynamism:

We are really involved within UpTex competitiveness pole, we are also member of the work group on smart textiles directed by the “Union des Industries Textiles” (Textile industries union), and we partnered with top European research labs as well. Smart textiles are blessed by success: they adapt, adjust, interact with the body, and follow the wearer in its daily life. We are heading, in about 10 years, to clothes which properties will change according to conditions. It definitely represents a long-term international market, on which we have a great growth potential and a true legitimacy.”



More than transforming textile, Damart also reinvents its user experience in shop, to make it a place that creates links and emotions.

Finally, it is important to mention one of Damart’s major project at the moment: the opening of its new flagship in the heart of Lille, cradle of the brand. Halfway between a regular shop, a leisure space with exhibitions, and a meeting point, this flagship represents the brand’s come back within the life and discussions of new generations. The shop is an invitation to the heart of Damart’s history, its textile innovations and its fabrics. Like a cultural center, this “Lab” will offer a monthly program: prospective conferences, meetings with designers around their collaborations, DIY workshops… But to know more, you’ll have to wait until the 15th of November!



Who said that Damart was an ageing brand? Between new retail experiences, qualified collaborations and technological innovations, the French brand recaptures and adapts to the new ways of designing, producing, but also distributing its products. So obviously, we had to tell you about it on the blog!


Welcome to Damart new textile experience