Trashbots a Smart Waste Bin That’ll Change How You View Trash

When throwing our trash away, we simply chuck it into a black garbage bag under our sink. Sometimes, we have trash bins in our kitchen or even the bedroom for times we need to ditch random objects away. Bagging your kitchen scraps can be a hassle especially when you’re throwing away food that drips and is slightly rotten. With today’s technology, they’ve invented a nifty way to throw away your trash in a smart way so you don’t have to touch all the gooey gunk. Introducing, the trash bot! Not only does it involve automation, but it can also bag your garbage for you so you can sit back and relax. Gone are the days of regular trash cans, we’ll know be sharing a few cool facts about automated trash robots.

It’s all about IT and OT

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are converging to make our devices more automated. With the help of IT on a specific piece of operational technology, a device can easily function efficiently using its pre-programmed software. For example, a trash robot doesn’t need to be told what to do, sometimes they use sensors even so with a swipe of a hand you can open the lid of the trash bin. Cool huh?

It Can Sort Out Trash

Smart waste solutions are emerging in the market and CleanRobotics is one of them. They have an automated TrashBot that can separate your waste. It’s made of stainless steel so your trash can will never go rusty and it’s perfect for when you have lots of liquid in your trash cans since it’s easy to clean. It even has a 90% accuracy for separating your trash from recyclables to landfill items.

You Can Make Your Own TrashBot

If you’re not into buying your own trash robot can, you can build your own. You can turn this into a fun project with friends or family and you’ll need a few materials such as a microcontroller board, servo motors, an output breakout board, and more. It would be best to get help from a coder since you might need to integrate basic IOT interface coding but with a little help from a few friends, you can definitely make your own.

You Save Time

Think about all the time that’s spent readjusting the straps of your trash can and making sure it encircles the entire bin. Spending a few minutes a day adjusting it when it’s nearly full can take up time. With trash bots, you can simply throw your trash and some can even seal it using an internal heating system so you won’t need to tie it. All you’ll have to do is collect it and put it outside. Trashbots are revolutionizing the way we view waste and it’s helped to make our lives much more convenient so if you’re a tech junkie, this smart trash can is a must-have.