Trail Cams Capture Real Wild Life Photos

In the world of hunting and nature, trail cams have become a popular way of tracking an animal’s activity when the camera detects activity nearby. This is a really cool way to see what is happening at night or just in general. While most of the time, there isn’t anything too exciting, sometimes the camera catches something that shows the true wonders of nature.

Here are different rare pictures caught by trail cams that are sometimes terrifying, sometimes funny and sometimes truly spectacular. Come look at these insane pictures caught on camera.

 Barrel Head

This camera caught a deer with a barrel on its head. It’s uncertain whether the deer got into a war with the barrel or whether the barrel is filled with delicious food that he’s bringing home to his family.

Whatever it is, if the deer will be unable to remove it from his head, he’s looking at a long road ahead of him.