This Woman’s Chilling Message About Burglary Went Viral

From sharing bland statements and random emotions to photos and videos of the mundane day to day, social media has had a huge impact on us. One of its massive benefits is reaching out to various groups, especially to a user’s direct connections like friends and family members. This instant global reach can seem indispensable during times of emergency.

Such is the case for a woman from Texas, whose main goal was to protect herself and her house. When she took to her social media account to warn anybody and everybody of the unbelievable tricks of thieves nowadays, her story went viral.  Read her message that left her readers, neighbors and even the police in shock and feeling mixed emotions.

Back in April 21, 2016, a woman named Kim Fleming Cernigliaro created headlines across the internet thanks to her Facebook post that sent a chill through its readers. Her now-viral message described what was a completely regular day; until, that is, an unwanted visitor interrupted her peace and calm. The Texan noted that someone was knocking at her door but described that it was an alarming pounding on her door and not a “regular knock.”

That said, anyone engaged in beating another person’s door down was obviously determined to send a signal to the homeowner to open it as soon as possible. Could the visitor be a friend in need or a total stranger?