The Salaries of TV’s Top Reporters May Surprise You!

They are the faces we see every day—from the time we wake up until we go to bed. Sometimes, they join us during meal times through television. Each day, they deliver the news we need to know and the biggest breaking stories all over the world. We trust TV reporters to give us the latest, credible news, whether it’s good or bad. They are people we cannot live without because we simply need to know what is going on around us, from international crises to the economy to sports and entertainment.

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TV reporters may look like they have it all together and at times, they may look glamorous, but behind the TV, these are people who carry their responsibilities as the medium of information, which gives them so much pressure. Their work is not at all glitters because it is, in fact, hard work. They work countless hours, do intensive research, experience criticisms, and they have to work hard to earn the trust of their audience. There is certainly more than just the screen you see because behind the scenes are great efforts of the people working behind to give you news you can rely on. This is why some TV reporters cash in a lot of amount each year, which they only deserve. Take a look at some of these reporters and the salaries they earn that may just surprise you.

Tomi Lahren – $200k

Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator who gained attention on her show Tomi on TheBlaze. She was known for her three-minute video segments at the end of the program, often called “final thoughts,” where she spoke quickly about her opinions on different matters. Lahren frequently lambasted liberal politics and several of her videos went viral so that she was dubbed as a “rising media star” and was also touted as “the young Republican who is bigger than Trump on Facebook.”

In March 2017, she was suspended from TheBlaze because she believed that women should have access to abortion when she made a guest appearance on The View. She now works at Great American Alliance, a pro-Donald Trump advocacy organization. Lahren is also part of Fox News as a contributor.