The New Trend Taking Over Wall Street

There’s a new trend taking over wall street, and it worth $4.2 trillion. This is terrible news for tech giants like Amazon. The world’s e-commerce monolith may seem invincible, but it’s now lost market share to at least two companies as this trend takes off. Now, there’s a new e-commerce ecosystem that seems prepared to take over the stock market.  The first two were and Chewy Inc. They both made a bang when they arrived on the scene, stealing half of Amazon’s market share in their respective segments.   But this account is about a lifestyle megatrend that’s got a dizzying amount of revenue verticals.

The New Megatrend is Everything Plant-Based

The company making waves this time is PlantX Life Inc (VEGA.CN). And this isn’t a passing, “hippie” fad. It’s a megatrend that’s seizing shares in the market from global food services industry that might be worth as much as $4.2 trillion by 2024. And it’s threatening to completely overtake the players in the $26-billion food delivery sector. Meat as we know it is quickly being replaced, with there being billions of dollars worth of opportunity to be found in its alternatives. But the real break exists only for the company that can establish an entire ecosystem that’s plant-based. That’s PlantX. Meat, as we know it, is now associated with poor health, shorter life-spans, and the spread of disease.

We’ve evolved, and so has our lifestyle. Meat is now irrevocably associated with the potential for carrying disease, not to mention its growing association with various lifestyle and health issues. As we have become more aware of social and environmental issues, people have had the time to ponder and contemplate the processing and distribution of food in our supply chain and what it’s doing to our health. Aside from an endless list of chronic diseases that are related to diet, the animal-based food industry has been a destructive force on the environment. From the nutrients we put in our body to the air we breathe, meat is harming us. Even if it’s still a long road to complete plant-based nutrition, there’s no looking back now. With plant-based becoming more a way of life than just eating, meat is now irrevocably associated with various health issues.