The Mysterious Story of the WWII Ghost Bomber That Landed Itself

Many of the greatest air battles in history took place during World War II. There are also numerous unexplained sightings of anything from Foo Fighters to UFO’s that are still being debated. The story of the B-17 “Ghost Bomber” however, is inarguably unique.

The investigators, who were dying to finally board the inexplicable self-landing bomber, did not find the answers they were looking for onboard but found something they were not prepared for. You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Look Out!

On November 23, 1944, in an allied base in Cortonburg, Belgium, an event occurred which has not been completely understood to this day. An American B-17G appeared in the sky over the base and seemed to be heading right into three allied anti-aircraft gun positions. The crash seemed inevitable.

From the ground, the soldiers observed that the bomber’s landing gear was down and due to its erratic flying patterns, they assumed that the plane had suffered damage or that the crew had been injured. It was coming in hot, and all they could see was 35,000 pounds of metal heading right towards them. They fell to the ground and prepared for impact, all the while cursing the plane’s pilot.