THE Cat Ear Headphones give your music a feline twist

Selina Kyle is going to want a pair of these.


Beats headphones are very nice and all, but do any of them come with light-up cat ears that double as external speakers?

If this is a feature you feel you’ve been deprived of, you might want to check out Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones, which begin shipping this week.

Not only do these over-ear cans come with a cool feline design worthy of Selina Kyle, they also feature a 40mm driver with 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response and cushions that mould to the shape of your ears.

There’s also a removable 3.5mm jack with a microphone for gaming sessions and taking phone calls hands-free, and a USB charger.

The Cat Ear Headphones are sure to cause a stir among animal lovers and tech enthusiasts, after raising $3 million during an Indiegogo campaign.

​Brookstone is selling them for $149 on its website and it shouldn’t be long before they start popping up in stores in the US – and hopefully further afield.