Teens in DC Are Getting AirPods for Free with Vaccinations | Here’s How

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, this is the best moment to do it.

This Is How You Can Get Free AirPods in Washington, D.C.

Requirements: This must be your first shot; you must bring your school ID, DC One Card, Kids Ride Free Card, report card, or proof that you’re a student, and you must go with your parent or guardian.

You can get the AirPods if you’re between the ages of 12 and 17. But if you’re a student between the ages of 18 to 21, you can still get a pair of AirPods as long as you’re enrolled in a D.C. school, and you’re seeking a high school diploma.

You’ll need to go with your parents or guardians to Brookland MS, Sousa MS, or Johnson MS to get vaccinated, and after you get the shot, you’ll receive your new AirPods.

Do you already have AirPods? Then you can choose to receive a $51 gift card instead. In addition to getting free AirPods or a gift card, you’ll also be entered to win a $25,000 scholarship and an iPad with headphones.

The AirPods will be available as long as supplies last, so if you’re a teen in Washington, D.C., there’s literally no excuse not to get vaccinated right now.

iPhone and AirPods Boxes Credit: Daria Gromva / Shutterstock