Roku Now Has More Free Built-in Local News Channels

Roku TV

Roku-powered TVs and streaming devices already have the Roku Channel, which has free movies, TV shows, and some live content. The Roku Channel started adding local news channels in June, and now more have arrived.

Roku added nine NBC local news channels earlier this year, including NBC New York News and NBC Dallas/Fort Worth News, which roughly mirror what you would get with a cable subscription or OTA antenna in their respective areas (minus NBC’s non-news content). Three more local stations are now available — NBC San Diego News, NBC Boston News, and NBC San Francisco Bay Area. Roku has also added LX News, a nationwide station that NBC launched in 2020.

These stations were already available to stream online through NBC’s Peacock service or other Roku channels, but now they’re built into the Roku Channel, so you don’t need to install or sign up for anything if you already have a Roku player.

There are a few more new “live” channels that are just loops of episodes from specific shows or genres. There’s ‘Roku Channel Western’s with “classic and modern Western movies and popular Western series,” an Ion channel with shows like NCIS and Chicago P.D., BBC Kids, and a few others. Pluto TV is probably still the best option for free streaming content, though.

Source: Roku Blog