Phone room

A few nice Phones images I found:

Phone room
Image by NathanReed
Cables on this wall are to locations in other buildings. The 4 100 pair cables in the top right go to the customer’s "Main" building. The 100 pair cables in the bottom right goes to a another building. There about 25 off-premise stations as well that feed locations throughout the city with only one or two phones.

Greek Phone Card from Limited Edition
Image by
Free picture from the private phone card collection of rarities. On the Card is a beautiful Greek woman in a classical dress. She is ready to play phone pranks. This international Card and the chip are in a very good condition. The expiration date was in 2004. The card therefore is more valuable to collectors now.

This picture was created by my historical friend and can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

the Chip-card was issued by the Greek communication company, Hellenic Telecommunications (OTE), from Athens. The beautiful design and the classic image are from the collection of the golden art of the Greek National Museum

Original value of the deposit was € 3. This rare Phone Card was bought in Greece. The credit is accepted in Europe and worldwide.

Current value of this rare phone card is 75 €, on the international collectors market.

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