Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Smartest of Them All?

Smartphones, smart cars, and even smart homes don’t belong in sci-fi novels anymore. But what about smart mirrors? These are about to become a present-day gadget as well. While it can’t assure you you’re the fairest of them all, there is a lot it can tell you.

What’s a smart mirror anyway

A smart mirror is hooked with an electronic display. Why would a mirror need an electronic display? To give those who look at it more information, from the weather to the stock market, to your emails. Different smart mirror models will give you different kinds of information. Some will go as far as measuring you for clothes or interacting with your other smart devices for anything else you might need.

The different kinds

Smart mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and budgets. Busy business people who want to have a look at their schedule for the day as they’re getting dressed could use one model. Others, who might want fashion recommendations would make good use of another.

For fitness lovers

There is even a mirror for fitness fanatics. When turned off it looks like a regular mirror, but when you turn it on, it can feature a whole workout with an instructor and fitness buddies. Can you imagine? seeing yourself doing yoga with other classmates in the comfort of your own bedroom? The mirror can even up your fitness game with displays of your performance and stamina!

For beauty gurus

To take better care of your skin, you might want to invest in a Taiwanese HiMirror Slide. Those will take a look at your skin, analyze it, and give you skincare tips. They will also track your skin’s progress and report if any of your products are wrong for you. These ones are evidently smaller and can fit on your makeup stand or in your bathroom.