LG shows off OLED TV and UHD TV in India

LG revealed their 55-inch OLED TV and the UHD TV at the CES earlier this year and the Korean company showed off both the TVs at the LG Tech Show this week in India. Tech Show is a complete showcase of all LG products across various categories and is the first ever for India.

The OLED TV is just 4mm thin and weighs under 10 kilograms. LG says their OLED TV adopts the WRGB technology that offers superior picture quality compared to the OLED TV technology adopted by their competitors. LG hasn’t confirmed the price but promised to launch the TV later this year in India.


The UHD TV, on the other hand, has been released in the Indian market, making them the first company to launch it here. Samsung had announced their iteration of the UHD TV last month with sales expected to begin in May.

This TV from LG boasts a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which is 4 times higher than a regular Full HD TV. Apart from the high resolution, it supports 3D playback, Smart TV functionality, dynamic contrast ratio of 10m:1, MHL and Wi-Fi support and lots more.

LG will sell this 84-inch UHD TV in India for Rs. 17 lakhs.