How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Sony TV

Some newer Sony TVs have a built-in feature Sony calls “Motionflow,” which is Sony’s implementation of motion smoothing, and can make your TV’s image too smooth.

What Is Motionflow Anyway?

Motionflow works by increasing the framerate of the content you’re watching. The refresh rate on your display (usually 60hz or 120hz) is often much higher than the framerate of movies or TV (usually 24fps or 30fps). So by bumping the framerate up, it makes the most out of your TV’s high refresh rate.

It does this by guessing what the missing frames are, and inserting them between the real frames. However, it often ends up looking blurry, as it’s hard to get the in-between frames right. Also, high frame rates don’t look good for most content you’d watch on your TV, leading to a strange “soap opera effect” that can make your movies feel hyperreal.

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How to Turn it Off

Picture settings on a Sony TV

Your TV may vary, but most Sony TVs hide the setting under the “Picture” settings in the menu. From here you can set different levels for Motionflow.

Motionflow options on a Sony TV

You should choose “Off” if you want to disable it entirely. Some TVs might hide it under an additional “Advanced Settings” tab. On Sony Android TVs, you can only disable Motionflow by enabling the TVs game mode (as Motionflow adds a lot of input lag, and should be off for games).

Sony seems to change their menus every year, and they vary by model, so if you have a problem in the future finding the option, it’s best to consult your TV’s manual, which you can find online.