Hilarious Resignation Letters You Must See

It’s almost never easy to quit your job. Most people walk around with a sick feeling in their stomach for days or even weeks before finally giving notice. They worry about their boss’s reaction and about getting good references, about their co-workers, who may be mad at them for leaving and about a million other things. But some people have decided to take these lemons and make delicious lemonade.

These people refuse to just submit an ordinary resignation letter, but instead, they give their bosses notice in an original and often hysterically funny way. Here are some of the best and funniest resignation letters out there.

A Public Farewell

Relationships forged while working together can be extremely meaningful. Sometimes it can be really hard to see a co-worker go. In those cases, a goodbye party, a nice card or maybe even a thoughtful gift from everyone is appropriate.

But in the event that there is not a line of well-wishers sending you off, it may be a good idea to let everyone know about your departure without getting into the awkward reasons behind it. TMI Nancy, TMI.