Green Screen Photos Show Us How Hollywood Really Works

Movies have the power to inspire us. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the introduction of the CGI and green screens, our favorite characters come so close to life. Places we’ve never dreamt of are just a button flick away.
Getty Images
When the Hulk screams, you can be sure to hear a real roar. Aliens crash on the surface of the Earth, machine gun fire really seems to break apart the targeted foes. Check out these pictures from behind the scenes in Hollywood, and get a glimpse of how funny and ridiculous some actors look in their work environment when all the visual effects can’t be seen and it’s just them and the strange green screen.

The Matrix

The idea of watching Keanu Reeves playing the role of Neo, a protagonist who was was a cyber-criminal, fighting the forces involved in enslaving humanity inside a complex virtual reality system should make sci-fi fans drool… until, that is, they find out what the set of the film really looks like.

Considering that the production was always going to heavily involve CGI technology, the warehouse where the set was based should be quite bare. Well, they still used green screens, but other than that, most of what Neo kicked, evaded, or broke, was pretty much imaginary.