Finally: Windows 11’s Multi-Monitor Taskbar Clock Is Almost Here

Windows 11 centered taskbar on a laptop

Microsoft is finally addressing one of the biggest problems with Windows 11, as the company announced that it is preparing to release the update that’ll bring the date and time back to the taskbar on multiple monitors.

The date and time returning to multiple monitors were first revealed in a preview build of Windows 11 back in December 2021. Now, Microsoft announced that it’s bringing it to the Beta and Release preview channels. That means it’ll be available to all Windows 11 users very shortly. Generally, updates in the Release Preview come to all users after a few days.

This change doesn’t make the taskbar perfect in Windows 11, as it’s still not entirely up to par with Windows 10, but this is a massive step in the right direction. Because the taskbar is such a critical part of the way we interact with our PCs, it’s important that Microsoft gets it right.

Another feature making its way to the Beta and Release builds is the quick mute option on the taskbar, which was added to the Dev channel previously.

The update also comes with all sorts of fixes and tweaks that won’t change the way you use Windows 11, but they’re still good to see.