Christopher Thomas Knight: The Controversial Tale Of The North Pond Hermit

While it’s already hard to fathom how a mystifying creature survived almost three decades living in the woods, the timeline of its strikingly unusual way of living is even more unbelievable. However, we are determined to come to an understanding of his remarkable tale and why he chose such a bizarre path of life. It may sound intensely confusing but every perplexing event has its reasons, and we can only comprehend when we trace its roots and learn the shocking facts that lurk in between.

From stealing things in the quiet households of North Pond in Belgrade Lakes of Maine, to running away like it was no big deal, this stranger caused terrible amount of chaos in the rural town. Nobody knew whether this mysterious figure was a human or some sort of a supernatural devil-creature, committed to terrorizing them with burglary and other unthinkable crimes. Its notoriety and the fear that it inflicted reached such great heights, that even the police became futile. Who was the culprit of this incredible case? Why did it target innocent people? What strategies did it use to outsmart the law? So many questions yet few pieces of evidence. Get ready to believe the impossible as we reveal the details of this controversial story.