Bill Kerman Explains the Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System

Bill Kerman Explains the Global Positioning System

Ever wondered how the GPS works? Well wonder no more! I made this video in Kerbal Space Program for a school project. Please leave a like if you learned some…
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GPS?!?! Global positioning system?

I’m doing a report on GPS and I need to know several things:

1) who really invented it and how did it get developed?
2) how did it change/improve/develop with time?Who did it?
3) Benefits and advantages
4) Dangers?
5) Future developments/applications or uses?
6) Effects in society

I would thank anyone who could help me find out some of these things, since I’m having some issues, especially with #’s 1 and 2!

thanks a lot! =)

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Answer by Angad
well wikipedia is the place for you