A Glimpse Into The World of Technological Sustainability

In nearly every aspect of our lives, if not all, has technology influenced how we interact with life. This article touches on current technological advances in effect to battle global warming.

Domestic Transportation

Electric vehicles have the potential to kill two birds with one stone. It has the potential to reduce noise pollution considerably, as well as eliminate the typical toxic fumes that come with burning fuel. With Tesla cars becoming the first large-scale electric vehicle to be so readily available, the next milestone in the automotive industry is exciting and is sooner than anticipated.

Public Transportation

In various parts of China, electric public transportation systems have already been implemented and are fully functional. Even though these ‘e-Busses’ come with an expensive battery on the price tag, it still costs less if you were to factor in the amount of gas needed to operate.

Commercial Transportation

Driving when trucks are on the road is incredibly nerve-wracking. If we can drive Tesla cars, why can’t trucks and trains do the same? It sounds practical on paper, but unfortunately, one of the reasons for its slow induction is that it’s notably expensive, which isn’t appealing to the market. With the market in need of an environmentally conscious solution, companies are starting to adopt these alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. At the moment, electric vehicles can only sustain light to medium-duty requirements. According to research, the adoption of ‘e-trucks’ in some international markets might surpass that of the standard electric vehicle we know today in the next decade.


Plastic Cycles

Ever since plastics came into our world, the environment has been taking the heat. Every bit of plastic ever made is still on this planet, and we only recycle 16% of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic created per annum. With the model of the circular economy being adopted on a global scale to create societal and environmental solutions for a more sustainable future, the process of pyrolysis has become a promising solution to the plastic problem. Pyrolysis is a heating process of inorganic material in the absence of fire. So, plastic waste can be melted down to its liquid form and be shaped into something else later. This simple solution has proved to not only be environmentally optimistic, but it shows promising results for the recycle-based economic market.

Taking the LED in Lighting

American homes across the nation have adopted LED lighting, saving the government millions of dollars due to a massive reduction in energy consumption. These millions can turn into billions by 2030 if the market share continues adopting LED lighting. In a world filled with fraud, poverty, and crime – we must focus on the opportunities that arise from those dark spaces. You can’t have light without dark. Human ingenuity has always prevailed in pressing times.